solve any 3D lenticular printing production problem
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Summary:solve any 3D lenticular printing production problem.3D printing,lenticular printing,3D lenticular printing
solve any 3D lenticular printing production problem

3D printing,lenticular printing,3D lenticular printing

3D printing is mainly used in the product packaging decoration, trademark logo anti-counterfeiting, merchandise AD pictures, advertising poster (3D POP poster), art adornment, natural history museum window display board, humanities landscape, natural scenery pictures, cultural goods, souvenirs, memorable tickets, postcards, all kinds of CARDS, all kinds of CARDS such, signage, trademark, three-dimensional painting, 3D magic picture card, notebook/hydroxycut covers of books.

At present, the application of overseas for 3Dscopic printing more extensive, markets are also more mature, many foreign enterprise took China's cheap labor and low cost and will 3Dscopic printing business sent to China, to greatly reduce production cost. The demand is higher, commonly used by single the lenticular materials and ink and other materials need to be imported, but even so, domestic 3Dscopic printing enterprise still can bring many benefits to foreign customers.

But in reality very much in the production of the problem cannot be solved, to meet many such as:

1) 3D printing not clear, 3D sense is not strong.

2) can receive orders but the core technology depend entirely on a third party, not better development business masters, expand production.

3) can't hiring great 3D design talents, the product that production gives fell short unappealing.

4) printing defective rate is high, the waste, product quality is not the stability control, consumption work time-consuming.

Of course, there are many more reasons caused, hardware and software are involved, such as CTP, outlets, add nets, 3D special effects production, 3D slitting, etc.

We help you solve any 3D lenticular printing production problems, let you grasp core leading 3D printing market.

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